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August 13th Day Live Conference Call.

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August 13th

We are in our pre-launch of this amazing new home based business called:
Check out this video below:

Mark Seyforth, is the founder of Day1 and explains it as  a “feel good” business.
I would like to say it’s much more than that.  It is a way for people to come together,
to help one another to make some good money from home, and use those resources
to help those people around the globe who are truly in need.  For us, it’s about spreading
the Good News and Truth about Jesus Christ.  We are using our resources to build up
a rather massive organization of people who know what it means to put others
first.  Using the scripture from Luke 10:27 NIV

“You must love the LORD your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your
strength, and all your mind.’ And, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.”

We want people who are committed to seeing peoples lives changed both within each of
our owns’ community first, and reaching out to those ministries that are near and dear
do our hearts.  Together as the Body of Christ we can do amazing and wonderful things.

We are currently in the pre-launch phase of this home based business.  Please feel free
to have a look at our Business Page on this blog.  As pre-launch is happening you can
reserve a spot if this is something you may be considering.  If you need more info, please
feel free to call me, Fred Hollinger at (503)-six 8 six – one six 88
or email to consumer4  (Change at to @)

And be sure to look at our charity by Clicking Here.  It may be a ministry you would like
to get involved with as well.

Day1 Consumer For Charity.

Watch how this home based business is helping families to become and remain financially
free for life, And how these families will be changing the landscape of mission fields
and deserving charities all around the globe.

Looking to Make Money AND Help People….??


Looking for a great business to get involved with?  At the
same time helping people who cannot help themselves?
We have found not only a great income from home opportunity,
but a way to help those who are truly less fortunate.

I hear people say all the time, “If I just had the extra money I
would gladly give to your organization”, Or, “I would like
nothing better than to give more, but I just can’t right now.”

This is where Day1 steps in, and in a very Big way!  You see
we know times are extremely tight for most everyone right
now.  And when things are tight, people and families tend
to give less of their finances to those charities they cherish.
Day1 has created a way for families to give more, by helping
them make more by giving them a way to earn a subtancial
monthly income from home.

And with the business geared towards Giving, not receiving, it is
a chance for individuals and families to give to their favorite charity
or ministry And have it matched up to 10% by Day1!

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